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     Welcome to Wild Boyd Farm, LLC


   Located off of HWY 24 between Limon Colorado and Colorado Springs in the small town of Matheson. Here you can find our family attending to livestock, mending fences, moving cattle and much much more!

   Our family works hard year-round to be able to provide a heathier alternative when it comes to what you consume and where you purchase your food. We raise all of our livestock with no hormones or antibiotics.

What time of year we offer certain meats 

   100% Grass Fed Beef Is sold year-round. We sell our beef as individual cuts or you have the ability to purchase a whole, half or quarter. Typically, a whole cow will last a family of three one year.

Goat and Lamb can be purchased in the fall between August- December. We only sell our goat or lamb as a whole. 

Pork deposits will be accepted in September and orders are filled in the late spring.

   Goat Milk and Eggs Sold year-round but we do sale out fast so while these products are available, we recommend ordering right away. 

   We have pastured raised chickens during the months of May- October. Wild Boyd Farm is partnered with Frontline Farming. If you are interested in a CSA (Customer Supported Agriculture - share) you can Sign up in the link below. Ordering for whole chickens can also be done HERE on our website.


Have Questions? Contact Us

                 (719) 922-0679

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Pricing includes packaging and delivery. All meat is vacuumed sealed packaged. Processing dates have been pre-scheduled for the year of 2023 so please place your order of interest with a deposit. Orders are on a first come first serve basis. Wild Boyd Farm uses a local processor to customize your order. Once you have paid your deposit you will receive a "CUT SHEET". The total cost of your beef or pork order will be determined by the hanging weight at the processor. If you need assistance filling out your "CUT SHEET" please fill free to contact us down below on the website or at... OR (719) 922- 0679


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