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Welcome to Wild Boyd Farm!

Thinking about 2022?! Where will your next meal come from?  Look to “Wild Boyd Farm”, Farm to Table!  Buy from someone you know, so you know where your meat comes from.  Our beef is 100% grass-fed, and our pork and chicken are pasture-raised.  Put a deposit down to reserve your beef and pork.  Support your local rancher today.

The Rancher You Can Trust !
Animals are Grass Fed, Hormone Free, &
Pastured Grazed!

All prices include custom-cut beef, pork, or chicken. The meat is vacuumed packaged, labeled, and delivered to you. 

Processing dates have been pre-scheduled for the 2022 year. So, please place your order of interest with a deposit. Orders are on a first-come first-served basis.

Wild Boyd Farm uses local processors to customize your order. 


Once you pay the deposit amount you will be sent a "cut sheet" to choose your cut options. The total cost of your beef or pork order will be determined by the hanging weight at the processor when the animal is delivered.

If you are looking for a certain cut give us a call or send us an email.

If you have a question before you place your order here on the website, text or call us at 719-922-0679, or email:

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