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  • What is grass fed beef? 

       Grass fed beef eat only grass. The health benefits are that it has less total fat and less unhealthy fats             like Monounsaturated Fats, than its grain fed counter parts. Grass fed beef has more of the good types         of fats like Omega-3s.​

  • What does it mean that the beef is all natural?

       It means no hormones, no antibiotics, and it’s raised on a ranch- free range pasture.

  • When should I reserve my meat?

       Processing dates have been pre-scheduled for 2023 year.  So, please place your order of interest and            deposit by February 1st, 2023.  Orders are on a first come first served basis.

  • How do I customize my order? 

      Once you submit your deposit, you will be sent a cut sheet with a variety of cuts and prices to choose            from.


  • How can I determine what size beef or pork to purchase?

       You can always go in with family members or friends to purchase a whole beef, or pork, or half of beef         or pork. Only you know what your consumption of beef or pork is throughout the month/year.                       Usually, a whole cow will serve 3 people per year. 

  • Will my meat be delivered to me?

       Yes, once the processor notifies us that your order is ready for pick up, I will contact you to                               schedule a delivery date.​

  • What is all included in the total cost of my purchase?

       The custom cut beef or pork, vacuumed packaged meat for storage, labeling of meat item, and delivery         of your purchase.

  • What happens with my deposit?

       Your deposit is put towards the total cost of your purchase.

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